Song Writing Essay


Over the last fifty years there have been many influential songwriters such as Lennon and McCartney in the 60s, Prince in the 70s, Sting in the 80s, Kurt Cobain in the 90s and Amy Winehouse in the 00s.


During the early 1960s it was quite a new and unusual thing for bands and singers to be writing all their own songs. One of the most influential song writing partnerships of popular music to date; Lennon and McCartney were one of the first to pioneer this method.

Now one of the more common methods of writing songs in partnerships, Paul would write some songs and John others and sometimes one would write the lyrics and the other the music.  Although simple their songs paved the way for modern song writing.
This method is a well-used and reliable one as it allows two minds to creatively work together and fuse two music tastes into well written songs.


Moving on ten years to the 1970s The Beatles had Split up and had now become independent songwriters but during their time as the Beatles they had opened the door to other new singer songwriters such as prince, prince most likely adopted a popular method of writing which consisted of writing songs solo. Often solo songwriters will primarily play an instrument which they will come up with the music first and later the lyrics to form a complete song.


In the 1980s many new songwriters were emerging one of such being sting from the police, a lot of bands during this time carried on the solo writing method, although being a profitable method perhaps partnerships are more effective as they lighten the creative load.


The 1990s saw a change in popular music song writing as in different genres of music wrote songs in different ways, whereas pop music singers would have songs written for them and rock artists predominantly writing the songs themselves. Kurt cobain was one of the first influential people to write regarding generation x, he wrote songs relating to common people.


Finally in the 00s to present day Amy Winehouse was a prominent song writer who most likely used the now widely used and popular method of solo writing.


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